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As Palestinian towns transform into urban centers filled with rising skylines and condensed living spaces, there is a growing need for community spaces that preserves the integrity of Palestinian landscapes and offers people a chance to get away from the busy city life. Instead, urbanization has left its mark on the Palestinian landscape with the growth of sprawling modern cities and rise of a serious environmental waste problem. 

As a result, Palestinians everywhere are coming together to find sustainable and environmentally safe solutions to not only create safer towns and cities but to enhance communities with parks and playgrounds for families and children to enjoy. 

To this effect, Wael Amro a Palestinian entrepreneur based out of the Hebron town of Dura, founded Al-Junoob Recycling in 2013. Al-Junoob Recycling is a social enterprise that recycles and transforms environmental waste such as plastic and wood, into fixtures that enhance the landscapes of town and cities as well as to renovates parks, and house gardens. 

Along with Founder Amro, the Al-Junoob Recycling team includes engineer and supervisor Mustapha Ammar, as well as a dedicated group of individuals who assist with the landscaping and the repurposing of waste.

Based out of the Hebron town of Dura, committed civil servant Wael Amro Al-Junoob Recycling which works to recycle environmental waste, was founded by Wael Amro in the Hebron town of Dura, in which Wael works with his team to transform environmental waste such as plastics and wood into fixtures that enhance the landscapes of local towns and communities, renovating parks, and creating house gardens.

“Recycling environmental waste is a still a new idea in Palestine, so we try to use our knowledge and expertise to transform waste and to raise awareness about why recycling is important and essential for protecting our communities and neighborhoods safe from hazardous waste material,” Says Amro.

Amro’s efforts has led him to receive public recognition for a variety of his projects, namely the renovation of local school playgrounds and environmental awareness and recycling campaigns. To this effect, Amro has established a creative space where the youth of Palestine can learn about social responsibility and how to recycle environmental waste. The space also acts as the base of operations for Al-Junoob Recycling.

“Although we work to transform communities by creating safe, beautiful spaces where children and families can spend time together, we are working to establish a base where we can reach even more communities and transform the ecological landscape of Palestine,” says Amro. “Volunteering is also an important aspect of our work, although we focus on transforming recycled waste into beautiful structures, our goal is to bring communities together to celebrate Palestinian culture and heritage.” 

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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