Entrepreneurship in Hebron Feature: Fatima Arameem - Henna Tattoo Salon

SMEs make up nearly 98 percent of all business ventures in Palestine. This makes the case for advocating policymakers to support initiatives that promote SME development and entrepreneurial activity.
For Hebron native Fatima Arameen, setting up a small beauty salon specialized in henna tattoos was a lifelong dream. As an avid artist and Henna tattooist, Fatima was always on the lookout for opportunities to build her skill set and learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and open a viable business.
Fatima soon had the game-changing opportunity to take advantage of MENACatalyst's entrepreneurial access program and learn from leading business professionals from Palestine and the Arab World. Via a series of webinars, individual and group mentorship sessions, and access to financial resources. 
“I cannot express enough how grateful I am to the exceptional group of people at this organization. MENACatalyst helped me gain the skills to transform my business idea for a beauty salon from a lifelong dream into an actual business with a strategic vision and the financial tools and community support to achieve success.”

Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
Leila Farraj is MENACatalyst’s Digital Content Strategist. Since the launch of MENACatalyst, Leila has been integral in developing and managing content that strategically reflects the overall mi... Leila Profile
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