Two Design: In Conversation with Founders Jehad Jaber and Samah Tomaleh

MENACatalyst spoke to the founders of the startup Two Design, Jehad Jaber, and Samah Tomaleh, to learn how they are providing SMEs in Palestine and across the region with the latest the world of social media marketing has to offer.

What is Two Design and what services do you offer?
Two Design is a Ramallah based social media marketing startup that was launched in 2018. We offer our clients a range of services such as social media management, media graphics, infographics, photo sessions, character illustrations, and we also create stories using motion graphics. We are stepping away from the traditional way of marketing, and instead, delivering high-quality, creative, and dynamic solutions to our clients.

We believe that social media is one of the best ways to market any service or product in Palestine and around the world. So, we utilize google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and email to help our clients with their marketing needs. We offer our clients quality work at strategic costs. Our services also include social media management and UX design and development for websites and mobile applications.

Our slogan is, "if you can imagine it, we can create it," because we want our clients to understand that we can meet all of their marketing needs.   

Who are you targeting with Two Design?
We are working to cover the gap in smaller businesses and organizations, especially those led by women. Unlike larger organizations, they do not have the resources to keep a dedicated marketing team employed. So, with Two Design, we help our clients create and run dynamic and engaging campaigns to enhance their profile and outreach in local or international markets.

What inspired you to pursue this?
My colleague Jehad and I came up with the idea for Two Design, after working as marketers for a company that paid us significantly less than the men there. We were involved in the same projects and had the same level of experience, yet we were valued less, so we decided to leave and start a business of our own.

We started relatively small, resources were scarce, but we kept working at it. Local markets are somewhat confined, and many businesses don’t understand the importance of digital marketing. So we began working with organizations and companies outside of Palestine, which has helped us grow our client base and build our technical capabilities and human resources.

Can you talk a little bit about the team behind your startup?
Our team includes programmer and web developer Mohamad Abo Alrob, head of montage and motion graphics Noor Marzaq, an in-house photographer Sabreen Tomaleh, and a dedicated abstract painter Ahmad Abu Smais. And on the more technical side, we have Sereen Jaber, who is responsible for Two Design's strategic planning.

What is the impact you are working to achieve?
We are working on mapping out our target markets and producing studies to better expand the scope of our services. I am also personally working on a platform to help marginalized women learn about design and social media management and provide themselves with the financial resources to live with dignity.  

We also provide internships to help new graduates gain the experience and skills they need to work in the market and either branch out on their own or find gainful employment in the Palestinian labor market.


To learn more about Two Design, visit: 

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