QuiX - In conversation with Co-founders Khaled Afifi and Nazmi Alreshq

From power outages to leaky pipes, keeping up with home repairs and maintenance is something we can all relate to. Finding someone with experience is easy, however what’s challenging is finding someone who is certified, reliable and professional. 

Addressing these issues, are Khaled Afifi and Nazmi Alreshq, Co-founders of QuiX, one of the MENA region’s first on-demand home repair and maintenance service that connects you to a network of certified professional technicians and handymen in your area. MENACatalyst reached out the Afifi and Alreshq to learn more about their innovative approach to home repairs.  

What is QuiX?

QuiX is an online market platform that quickly and efficiently connects customers in need of maintenance services with qualified technicians and handymen who are certified by the QuiX team. 

Through the QuiX home maintenance platform, we connect you with certified professional technicians wherever and whenever you need them. From modest home and office repairs to ongoing maintenance services, our community of professional technicians and handymen are available 24/7. You’re probably asking yourself, who are the technicians and handymen? They are the plumbers, carpenters, painters, cleaners, and electricians, in addition to other service providers.

QuiX works by streamlining these services for homeowners on a single unified platform, guaranteeing that everyone receives certified technicians and handymen, vetted by our dedicated team. In addition, a unified pricing system is available, where our customers will receive exclusive access to the most competitive rates. 

How does it work?

QuiX is an online platform that anyone can sign up for. We are always working on improving and streamlining the platform, and part of our process includes contacting professional technicians and handymen to join. We then certify them based on our internal ratings and customer’s recommendation settings. Finally, we match our qualified technicians and handymen with on-demand job requests.

On the user end, our engineers assign technicians and handymen, quote you the best price, and arrange the delivery of the service at your most convenient time. There’s more! You also get a QuiX Guarantee!

At this stage, users can contact us through our dedicated platform and call service, or via Facebook or What’s App. However, once our platform becomes fully automated and streamlined, users can share a description of their concern, and with the click of a button book a professional technician or a handyman.  

And while we are still in the MVP process, we are constantly developing and working on transitioning QuiX into a fully automated location-based system by the end of 2020. This will not only increase our efficiency, but it will help our technicians and handymen save time and money with contracting jobs nearest to them. 
What problem is QuiX solving? 

In conducting research, it was revealed that 50% of people seeking a professional technician or a handyman, spent up to 2 hours finding the right person for the job. Once a technician is identified, scheduling and unclear pricing pose additional issues. Also, these technicians and handymen care less about their clients, which lead to providing subpar services. 

QuiX benefits homeowners by offering a platform with a pool of reliable service professionals, in addition to a rating system. To ensure customers availability and flexibility, QuiX provides 24/7 customer service. 

Why should technicians and handymen join your platform? 

They should join our platform because we are offering technicians and handymen the opportunity to secure extra work. Since our system is location-based, they will receive access to clients nearest to them, and ultimately increase their income. With QuiX, technicians and handymen do not need to rely on general contractors for jobs. Instead, they can become more independent and secure jobs on their own terms. Once QuiX has a constant stream of jobs coming in, we will implement a priority subscription package for customers who need immediate service.      

We are also planning workshops and training sessions about safety, technology, and customer care that will help our technicians and handymen provide the best service possible and enhance the QuiX experience on the user end. 

Who is your target market?

QuiX is being managed in Ramallah, Palestine. By the end of 2020, it will expand to additional cities, including Nablus and Jericho. But beyond Palestine, we are aiming to expand to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Gulf. We are currently working on a market study in the region to make sure what we offer fits the needs of our future customers. QuiX also participated in the Dubai Step Conference 2020, and we are connecting with angel investors and venture capitalists who have shown an initial interest in our platform.

How are you spreading awareness about QuiX?

Because we are a relatively new startup, we started spreading the word via word-of-mouth to test our platform with people we trust. However, we have recently hired a full-time marketing professional who is implementing several plans through social media and untraditional fields like B2B. We will also work with several accelerators and reach out to their networks of support. Through these fields, we are working on building our brand and gaining recognition within our targeted markets.

Since our official launch in August 2019, we have reached over 400 satisfied customers, and have secured revenue of over 300,000 ILS. This shows the success of our business. 

Beyond the profit, what really matters to QuiX are the satisfied customers. A satisfied customer is a returning customer which proves that we are building the trust we need to thrive in local and regional markets. 

Can you talk a little about the team behind the startup?

Aside from our community of professional technicians and handymen, we are two Co-founders, Khaled, and Nazmi. Nazmi has a BA in Civil Engineering, eight years of experience in the real estate industry as the head of procurement and quality control/quality assurance department with the developer of the largest private-sector project in Palestine, "Rawabi’’. He manages all the operations, business development, and makes sure that our vision is implemented. Khaled has a BA in business administration with a concentration in finance, MBA in real estate, one year in risk management, and five years at a leading Public Transportation Company assisting the CEO. I handle all the finances along with seeking potential investors. We have a marketing professional helping us spread the word, and our operation and quality assurance manager ensures that all services are carried out up to our requirements and according to demand. Further, we have a dedicated advisory board locally and internationally from the U.S.    

What is the impact you are working to achieve? 

It is all about creating trust between our clients and our qualified technicians. Further, helping our technicians and handymen secure jobs and increase their income is an important selling point for us. Through QuiX, we are working to create a sense of trust that will lead to new jobs for them and ultimately improve Palestine's economy.

The most significant impact we hope to achieve is quality. Unfortunately, in our region, technicians and handymen don’t provide the quality service that customers deserve and end up doing a disservice to the customers, themselves, and other professionals in the field. So, what we are doing is implementing a certification for our network of professional technicians and handymen to ensure that they deliver our customers with on-demand quality service.

To learn more about QuiX, visit: https://quix.ps
And on facebook: @quixnow 

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