Khadoum - In conversation with Co-founders Fedaa Alhassan and Dania Al-Masri

From fundraising to campaigning, rebuilding devastated communities from the ground up to restoring damaged ecosystems, volunteering has become an essential part of what makes up the fabric of social development around the world. 

And while volunteering is integral to social-based initiatives, it also promotes one’s overall wellbeing, which is why some of the biggest names in the corporate world are encouraging their employees to take the time to support impactful social causes that resonates on a personal level. 

Getting involved and lending a helping hand to meaningful causes can, without a doubt, be a transformational experience. For many, however, finding out how and where to help can be difficult. Addressing these concerns are Fedaa Alhassan and Dania Al-Masri, who are inspiring good-doers throughout the MENA region to step up and make a change by joining their impactful startup Khadoum.  

MENACatalyst connected with Fedaa Alhassan to learn more about Khadoum's innovative take on volunteerism.

What inspired you to start Khadoum?

As social practitioners, we often get requests from students and employees who are looking for volunteer opportunities on the ground. We try our best to accommodate all the requests by either linking youth to volunteer opportunities or create an opportunity that would allow them to serve. However, it became very hard to accommodate all the requests, and we felt that there must be an easier approach. That inspired us to think outside the box and try to come up with a solution that would make it easy for youth to find volunteer opportunities whenever they want. 

What is Khadoum?

We are a virtual social hub for good-doers. Khadoum is a tech-based solution created to spread civic engagement and community participation among youth. Through the Khadoum app, good-doers from all around the world can discover volunteer opportunities and community challenges that are presented in the form of missions.

Users are encouraged to complete those missions either by volunteering or solving the community challenge, and they are requested to provide evidence to prove that the mission is indeed completed. Evidence can be provided in the form of a photo or a video. Upon completion of the challenges, users can ask for a verified volunteer certificate and exchange their points for a reward.

How does it work and who are you targeting?

We create volunteer opportunities and community challenges that are diverse, relevant, and impactful. We do not link our content to an event, and that makes it convenient for users to volunteer at their own time. We also approve the evidence provided for all completed missions and disqualify entries that are not fit. We issue volunteer certificates upon request from users, and we update the reward system to make sure that exciting rewards are available for those who wish to redeem their points.

Our Primary target is youth between the ages of 18–25 and our secondary target are between the ages of 25 to 47.

When did you work on this?

The idea of Khadoum had always been a part of us somehow, and we’ve been discussing it since 2016. However, we started putting our thoughts into actionable plans in 2018.

Where do you see Khadoum in the next few years, and what are some notable achievements that you have since accomplished?

Five years from now, the Khadoum app will provide a tailored and personalized experience for users based on their age, geolocation, interest, and passion.

We have 1,700 paid users and 17,000 users. We have also verified over 11,500 volunteer missions and issued more than 350 volunteer certificates.

What is the overall impact you are working to achieve?

Khadoum is an impact-driven social business. The digital missions in the app are designed to cover the social, economic, and environmental challenges that we are facing today. The diversity of digital missions is important to cater to the diverse interests of our users.

What does Khadoum mean to you?

Our work reflects what we believe. We believe in the importance of employing technology to empower societies. We believe that we need a technology today that is not measured in bits and bytes, but in its ability to close the gaps that stand between us and the self-realization of our people, the education gap, the opportunities gap, and the hope to create a ripple effect of goodness. Today more than ever, youth are seeking fulfillment and joy yet, very few are satisfied, and many are depressed with the uprising of social media platforms that are misused, and that blocks their ability to connect with their emotions and leverage their empathy.

Khadoum is an app with a heart! Khadoum is on a journey to bring youth back to themselves, connect them with good-doers around the world, and allow them to feel happy through performing good deeds.

To learn more about Khadoum and how to join, visit: 

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