Araboost - In Conversation With Founder Husam Al-Kurd

As digital solutions continue to change the way our world works, markets across the globe are embracing game-changing innovations to expand their outreach and impact. And this has never been truer than in the world of digital marketing. In the MENA region alone, digital marketing has grown into a billion-dollar industry, with advertisers spending over three billion USD in regional marketing campaigns. 

Tapping into this global trend is Araboost, a brand new startup that is already making waves across the region. Founded by Husam Al-Kurd in 2018, Araboost is introducing the MENA region to influencer marketing, helping regional organizations and brands connect with influencers to market their products and services. MENACatalyst met up with Al-Kurd to learn more about Araboost, what the buzz is all about, and where the startup is headed.

What is Araboost?

Araboost is an online platform for the MENA region that connects advertisers, brands, companies, and startups with local social media influencers to create content that reflects the brand. This way, influencers can create individually tailored content that better reflects the brand and the culture and the region it’s from. With Araboost, you can make three to ten times the return of investments, which is more than any other advertising method.  

How does Araboost work?

Organizations looking to start a campaign can create a free account on the Araboost online platform. They can then start a campaign by providing a brief description of their products or services they wish to market, as well as relevant social media links. Araboost then does the rest, by searching through the extensive database, and providing you with a selection of registered micro-influencers that can help you run an effective marketing campaign. For brands looking to start a campaign, they can easily submit their request, which gets evaluated to make sure it fits Araboost criteria, and then within one to two working days, the campaign can officially launch. 

Micro-influencers can also apply to run your campaign. You can then learn more about them by accessing their stats, engagement rates, previous campaigns, and select who you want to work with. But before all this, influencers will have to integrate their preferred social media accounts, like Instagram, or YouTube, and we will evaluate if their respective accounts’ fit the criteria of the platform.

Who are you targeting with Araboost?

With Araboost, we are primarily targeting brands and influencers. And for brands, we mean MENA based companies, startups, or anyone with a digital marketing budget. Even marketing agencies can take tap into the power of influencer marketing and run a campaign on our platform.

In terms of influencers, we are focusing on micro-influencers and not mega-influencers. The reason is that although micro-influencers have fewer followers, they are all the more dedicated because they have more of a local presence and engage with their fans.

Can you talk about the team behind the startup?

The Araboost team is a fantastic group of dedicated and highly skilled professionals. We come from different backgrounds. This includes our CTO Mona Subaih, who runs all our technical day-to-day operations; Maha Al Qudwa is our UI/UX designers, she is responsible for making our interface as user-friendly and engaging as possible; and Mohammad Al Kurd also works to optimize our daily operations by connecting with our registered brands, with the relevant influencers. We also have a dedicated influencer who works with us, Eman Ismail, and she helps registered influencers with their questions, and resolve any problems they might face. As for myself, I am the CEO, with a background in IT and programming, and I am involved with the overall build, and technical direction of the platform. We also have a great team heading our customer care department. 
Where is Araboost heading within the next few years?

In the upcoming year (2020), we are going to make the platform as automated as possible, in terms of optimizing user reports, for both the brands and influencers, as well as the overall performance of Araboost. And because Araboost is still relatively new to the market, we are going to start a full-scale marketing campaign to help spread the word and attract additional influencers from all the major social media platforms, and brands to join our platform.

Long-term, we see Araboost as one of the major influencer marketing platforms in the region. We see our platform as an income-generating outlet where creatives can promote the brands or services that they believe in.

What is the impact you are working to achieve?

We believe that we have the capacity and knowledge to build something that impacts the whole region on a massive scale. Economically, Araboost does not only help boost brand awareness and the viability of countless companies, startups, and businesses across the region but to create opportunities for the creatives that rely on sponsorships and ad revenue to keep their brands alive.

And to illustrate the scope of our impact, we have around 1000 registered influencers on board at Araboost, and over 500 registered brands and companies from Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, the GCC, and from across the MENA region.

To learn more about Araboost, visit: 


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