In Conversation with Founder and CEO of BWayn Nass Terribas

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are essential for economic development in emerging markets. The World Bank reports that not only are 90 percent of businesses classified as SMEs but account for up to 50 percent of global employment. And in the MENA region, SMEs are valued at $1 trillion. This translates into a staggering 5.5 million SMEs throughout the region. Despite this, the impact of SMEs on national GDPs remains relatively low by global standards. The reason is the lack of effective resources and guidance available for SMEs to enhance their viability and market potential.   

But what can help entrepreneurs and SMEs tap into their full potential and achieve viability? The answer, effective consultancies. With a record $250 billion, the global market for professional consulting services is booming. And with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) rate of 3.6%, the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) leads global consultant market shares at 41%.   

To address these concerns and to capitalize on a high-potential market, Nass Terribas, a professional consultant with over ten years of experience in financial advisory services, founded BWayn.  Early this year, Nass was awarded the 2018 prize for Social & Economic Development Investment Officer of the Year, by the Wealth & Finance International. This prize recognizes his involvement and leadership in the complex investment transactions that require the management of numerous players in interdependent relationships.

MENACatalyst met with Nass to learn more about BWayn, as one of the region’s first cloud-based financial inclusion platforms, providing smart automatized consultancies to enterprises of all sizes in emerging markets. 

What is BWayn?

Bwayn is a smart and automated cloud-based service for building intuitive multipurpose financial management plans and strategies, empowering enterprises and individuals make strategic decisions based on well-built and tailored-sector financial management plans that reflect needs and requirements needed to maintain a strong financial position and financial freedom. 

With BWayn, startups and SMEs can develop competitive and compelling investment packages and facilitate the networking process with an early-stage fund, VC, growth capital, and banks. Investment packages are a set of materials and documents used to secure capitalization based on an investment-quality approach. This includes management reports, financial analysis and valuations, and forecasting performance. 

How does BWayn work?

No more struggling in managing financials. BWayn offers a 360º view of organizations’ finance functions to provide users with multiple build-in forward-looking management strategies that fit them the best. “BWayn is a cloud-based, modern, and intuitive interface that does the job for you.” Our slogan reads, “You Own it, We Plan It.” This stands to the fact that startups and SMEs provide key financial information on their business and BWayn lays out financial management strategies to capture their full potential and viability and provide the investment package needed for access to finance, in an automatic manner.  “BWayn is an all-inclusive software that takes you through the process of transforming business models, value chain processing, and marketing strategies into financial management plans.” 

What problem is BWayn solving for companies?
A lack of funding is a serious issue for many enterprises and entrepreneurs, and it is a major reason why many businesses never even get off the ground. They also lack the technical knowledge to evaluate their financial readiness and define growth and financial freedom strategies. 

Moreover, we all know that smaller businesses simply cannot afford to bring in top-notch consultants to optimize their performance. BWayn provides the analytic and strategic tools for these companies to build competitive business models, to speak the language of banks and investors, and to secure investments. All at an affordable price. BWayn is the consultant of the 21st century. 
What inspired you to start BWayn?

Startups and SMEs in emerging markets are in recurrent need to grow and capitalize on their full potential. All of them need technical assistance to outperform their own best. But lack of financial resources in bringing in expert consultants drives to the stagnation or even closing of their enterprises. 

This ultimately collapses economies and societies because of the weak private sector.  Said that, the goal of BWayn is to contribute to the growth of startups and SMEs in emerging markets to improve the livelihood and resilience of people through offering a top-notch consulting services, affordable for everybody.

Who are you targeting with BWayn?

Driven from our vision, we focus on emerging markets. SMEs and startups often lack the skills and tools to not only secure but manage investments to scale their businesses, and dearth resources to afford expensive consulting services.  Based on this, we see BWayn as the go-to management consulting software solution that is affordable and accessible to SMEs and startups across the Middle East.

What is your market approach?

We are here for all entrepreneurs and business people that want to strengthen their financial health and liquidity, to understand the feasibility of a business or investment project, and/or to establish a forward-looking strategy and change plan in their business and financial health.  Moreover, we establish partnerships with financial institutions, international donors, and non-governmental organizations to provide easy access to financial inclusion.

BWayn is the ultimate-friendly neighborhood consulting software born to empower businesses and individuals to reach their full profitability potential and financial freedom. 

Startups and SMEs can access our platform by reaching out to our website and subscribe for a full year program or purchase one single package. It is very cheap. Almost for free, if you compare it to the conservative way of doing consulting business. 
Another competitive advantage of BWayn is that we adopt international standards in advisory services in the Arabic language.

What impact are you working to achieve with BWayn?

“Better companies mean better opportunities for youth employment and gender inclusion.” We help to formulate a stronger private sector. Economies will see a higher increase in the participation of women and youth in the labor market, more investment in physical capital, greater societal wealth, and better livelihood for communities. 

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