Off the Wall - In conversation with co-founder and CEO Mustafa Dasuki

MENACatalyst reached out to Mustafa Dasuki, Co-founder and CEO of the MENA region’s leading hologram company Off the Wall Agency, to learn how they are disrupting the advertisement industry with their innovative hologram technology.

The hologram market: an overview

Technology is evolving at impressive rates. As technology continues to change the game in markets across the board, developers are exploring new ways to integrate innovative technologies into our daily lives. 

A hologram is the photographic projection of a recording of a light field that comes together to produce a three-dimensional image. Holographic technology is rapidly gaining traction and being used by major industries within healthcare, entertainment and manufacturing. With a CAGR at 27.3% the market size is set to reach $120 million by 2024

From hardware to software, the hologram market is as diverse as it is expansive. The hardware aspect of the market makes up 59% of the industry and includes digital holography microscopes and displays. While the software and service component make up the rest of the hologram market shares. 

How would you describe Off the Wall Agency?

Founded in 2016, Off The Wall is a computer graphics and visual technology provider. Off The Wall offers products and services that answer the customers’ needs into more interactive visual technology through pre-produced video holograms, live-stream holograms, 3D projection mapping, animations, and custom-built hardware projection equipment.

What services do you offer?

We offer a group of services that include:

•    Pyramid Hologram: Holographic 3D Pyramid Display units, can be used for promoting tools, watches, jewelry, perfume or cosmetics. 
Ideal for use at full scale within stores, malls and crowded exhibition halls.

•    Vitrine Hologram: A one sided holographic display, which lets you combine a physical product with 3D holographic content. Uses: Events, Exhibitions, Retail, Point of Sale, Product Launches, Conferences, Centre Court Activations, Reception Areas.

•    Rear Projection Hologram: The Transparent Rear Projection films offer a next generation look to any content, either full motion video or static images will float on your clear glass or acrylic. Uses:  Retail, In-store window displays and shopping malls. 

•    Stage Hologram: Holographic stage allows spectacular free-form 3D holographic-type animated images to appear within a live stage setting and incorporates live and artistic performances. Uses: PR and sponsorship events, product launches, conferences, exhibitions, museums.

What inspired you to embrace holographic technology?

As a computer communication engineer, I always wanted to create a technological breakthrough that can disrupt the market. While visiting tech exhibitions, I noticed the redundant and cliché way of advertising and felt that there is a major need to create something new to attract people to a new product and service. Every company or brand is always looking for a new way to advertise and market his or her product or service. Many of them spend massive amounts of money on campaigns to build awareness but with all the ads around, it gets lost in a clutter of printed outdoor/indoor pictures.

How has your team worked to transform your vision of Off the Wall Agency into a reality?

We are a core team of 3. In addition, to my role as Co-founder and CEO (Mustafa Dasuki); there is Fadi Mikati, Co-founder and head of Business Development; and Wassim Yassin, Co-founder and our head of Product Designer and Engineer. 

As a team, we share the same vision and we worked on each part of the startup through each other’s experience. Using my background in computer communication engineering, I created the theoretical part of our holograms while Wassim did modeling and design for our holograms, while Fadi transformed our venture into a business.

Can you speak a bit about your startup’s journey?

Off The Wall won the TEC Startup Seeds competition, YES Competition by Taawon, ArabNet Innovation Startup and INTAJ grant by MercyCorps. Off The Wall became one of the most well-known companies in the region, producing holograms for the likes of New York University Abu Dhabi and Banque Du Liban. 

What are your thoughts on the market potential for holographic displays in the region?

Since our product is B2B we had to study our market segment upon it. We studied the demographics of other businesses and found that our product is preferable by mid to high-class stores in central locations and places.

We mainly focus on luxury products companies such as watches, jewelry in addition to advertisement agencies as the visuals make up a crucial factor in customer purchasing decision and enhance and lingering time on displays.

How do you spread the word?

We have a marketing team that works tirelessly to expand our outreach. We reach out directly to various media outlets to for interviews, advertise, and share our achievements. Our social media outlets are also an important to share what we do with the world. We took part in several notable tech exhibitions like BDL Accelerate and Arabnet. 

To date, we have made several tv appearances on MTV, Tele Liban, BBC Arabic and LDC. 

What sets Off the Wall Agency apart?

Our new holographic displays are now the centerpiece for a number of new ad campaigns. In advertising and the marketing world you always need to be one of the innovators and holographic displays give us the new creative edge. Holograms are the new forms of sophisticated ads. 

Instead of having a printed ad in the mall, why not have a holographic ad? Every shopper will definitely stop by to check this eye-catching technology while your ad is in it!

To scale, what type of support are you looking for?

We are looking to have support in Public Relations to access the market through networking while also get funding and investment to scale up.

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