CoinBits - Co-founders, CEO Maher Janajri and CTO Yousef Janajri

The cryptocurrency market: an overview  

The world of cryptocurrency is disrupting financial markets around the world. In what has without a doubt become part of our digital landscape, the cryptocurrency market is growing at an unprecedented rates. With a CAGR set at 6.18%, the cryptocurrency market is expected to reach well over 1.40 billion USD by 2024

But what exactly is cryptocurrency and how does it work?

In simple terms, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that operates outside of centralized banking systems. Just like any financial transaction, the use of cryptocurrency entails an exchange of digital information between buyer and seller that concludes with a transaction for services rendered or goods sold. This digital currency is powered by blockchain, a decentralized public ledger (database) that records and approves all transfers and transactions. 

The appeal of cryptocurrencies and its growing dominance on the global stage can be attributed to its decentralized nature. This translates into virtually no transaction fees but carries increased transparency and security. 

How does Bitcoin fit into all this?

Tracing its origins back to 2009, Bitcoin emerged as one of the first cryptocurrencies to gain considerable traction and sweep the globe. What proved the selling point for bitcoin was the ease and anonymity of making online purchases. Internationally, the appeal of bitcoin is its ability to overcome in-country boundaries. And because bitcoin is decentralized, the currency does not have to get approved by banks, and on a larger scale, is not affected by in-country transactional restrictions or regulations. 

Bitcoin has also gained considerable traction with investors looking to gain new assets and potentially cash out big as the digital currency continues to change the way transactions are made around the world. 

Join the world of cryptocurrency with CoinBits

For people everywhere, diving into the world of cryptocurrency can seem intimidating at first, especially when it comes to investing. However, with CoinBits, people around the world easily gain access to this future economy and capitalize on it. 

Launched in 2018 by experienced founders Yousef Janajri and Maher Janajri, CoinBits gives people interested in investing in Bitcoin the opportunity to do so through the simplicity of a web application. For the uninitiated, understanding the complexity of cryptocurrency, let alone setting money aside to invest in it, can seem overwhelming. However, the Janajri duo have created a solution that is low risk, automated, and safe. 

Through the application users link their credit card info, and the application instantly rounds-up credit card purchases to the nearest dollar. Users can then safely invest their extra money in Bitcoin every week and watch their investments grow. CoinBits ensures their users safety and security with FDIC-insured USD deposits and 95% of BTC in cold storage.  

Since its launch, CoinBits has attracted over 1,200 users actively investing at a 20% organic MoM growth rate, ultimately contributing to a staggering $250,000 USD in Bitcoin investments in just three months. Within the next six months, CoinBits is looking to secure an average of 5,000 subscribers on a weekly basis. To accomplish this goal, the CoinBits team is looking to adopt influencer marketing campaigns and referral incentives. Within the next nine months, their goal is to expand to mobile iOS and Android devices while also developing new investment offerings for users. To expand, the Janajris are focusing on growth via crypto ecosystem partnerships.  

“We see CoinBits as a platform that increases awareness and education of one of the most important digital innovations of the 21st century. We’re seeking to facilitate widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency and provide a means of long-term wealth creation for all our users,” states Yousef Janajri.  

CoinBits is looking to establish new partnerships with industry leaders within the field of cryptocurrency. Investments are also key, as CoinBits is looking to secure $200k in investments to scale CoinBits and reach new users around the world. 

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