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The biopharmaceutical industry is rapidly dominating global markets. With a market worth well over $934.8 billion in 2017 alone, and a projected growth rate of 5.8%, the market is set to reach a staggering $1170 billion by 2021. From treatments that offer hope for those with life-threatening diseases, to conditions that call for skin reconstruction, innovation is at the core of this industry. 

Based out of Nazareth since 2012, Sebana Medical is a privately held biopharmaceutical company. The company has dedicated its efforts towards developing new treatments that prevent the reabsorption of fat after implants in esthetic procedures. The formulation works to improve both fat acceptance and survival, as well as fat grafting techniques used in reconstructive esthetic procedures.

Sebana Medical's formulation improves tissue reconstruction and uses the same active ingredient that prevents the reabsorption and disappearance of fat after implants.

The formulation has passed the developmental stage during a series of preclinical trials tests. The results have proven that the formulation works and has consistently prevented fat reabsorption during grafting procedures.  

Ola Baker Salameh, Sebana Medical's CEO explains that the formulation has great potential in the aesthetic market. The formulation can treat several medical conditions particularly soft tissue reconstructions in dermal fillers and mastectomies. In medicine, the formulation acts as an autologous fat injection especially in procedures that treat certain rare diseases. 

In terms of market potential, Sebana Medical is targeting the global aesthetic surgery industry (for soft tissue augmentation) which their research reveals to be a billion-dollar industry with projections set at 15 billion USD for 2019. 

Besides CEO Ola Baker, Sebana Medical comprises a group of 6 employees who bring their technical and medical experience to the company. 
With the potential to venture into global markets, and the innovation to transform thousands of lives, Sebana Medical is without a doubt a game changer within the field of biopharmaceuticals. 

To maximize impact and scale, Sebana Medical is not only looking to secure a maximum of 8 million USD in series A funding, but the market support needed to go global.

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