Car Cleaner - Co-founder and CEO Ali Alzaanin, CTO Mohammed Naiji

In today’s hectic world people struggle to find the time in between tiring work hours and daily chores to get the simple things done. More often than not, obvious things like washing the car can many times get overlooked and time and again end up on the bottom of the to-do list. 

This concern was especially pressing for Gaza based Ali Alzaanin as he struggled to find the time to wash his own car and noticed a similar trend amongst those around him. With previous experience working at a local startup and the entrepreneurial spirit to get things done, Ali co-founded Car Cleaner.   

In addition to co-founder and CEO Ali Alzaanin, who maintains business operations and outreach, full stack java developer and CTO Mohammed Naiji, is also part of the Car Cleaner team and operates within his capacity as a full stack backend developer and is responsible for app development and all technical issues.    

Car Cleaner is an innovative approach to cleaning cars. Through a fully integrated application, instead of waiting in long lines at your local gas station, with a simple click of a button Car Cleaner’s dedicated team comes to you. 

According to Ali over 70 percent of their customers spend around 35 minutes of their time washing their cars, and that’s when they get around to it. While 80 percent of their customers emphasize that actually taking the time to wash their cars is a big problem, “People don’t have the time to spend on washing their cars, they are just too busy with their daily lives and busy work schedules,” Ali says. He continues, “What sets us apart is that we work on commission to enhance our output, and our digital app reduces the time constraints of car owners by allowing our dedicated team to wash their cars, anytime and anyplace.”  

Currently operational in Gaza, Car Cleaner provides their customers with multiple services. A straightforward exterior carwash is a basic 10 ILS fee, while an exterior and interior wash goes for 15 ILS. For SUVs, an exterior wash is set at 15 ILS, while exterior and interior wash and cleanup is a full 20 ILS. Furthermore, Car Cleaner has adopted a B2C approach which directly reaches out to car owners. While it is essential to directly reach out to potential customers, Ali has additionally taken a B2B approach to effectively reach out to companies, organizations, car training schools, car dealerships as well as rental shops. 

Car Cleaner has managed to make over 50 sales from 40 customers with a reorder rate of 25%. All this without any marketing efforts just based from word of mouth. While Car Cleaner is based out of Gaza, they plan to expand to include multiple Palestinian cities, including those within the West Bank. Ali explains that Car Cleaner’s targeted market in Gaza alone sits at $3.3 million while the West Bank is at $11.million. While the market potential is there, Car Cleaner is working to acquire the investments needed to sustainably expand and increase the scope of their operations. Afterwards, Car Cleaner has set their sights on the Jordanian markets, and with a market that sit at a staggering $50 million, expectations are high. 

Ali further elaborates on the previous point, initially car Cleaner is projected to reach 400 users and achieve 1,000 orders. However, in the upcoming phase Ali, is working to secure investments of $80k to launch Car Cleaner in the West Bank, and expand outreach to reach at least 3,000 users and accumulate 15,000 orders. After this goal is met, Ali will put his resources into the planned Jordan expansion which requires an additional $100k in investments to reach over 10,000 users and secure over 100,000 orders. 

In terms of impact, utilizing the commission based model, Car Cleaner will surely create more jobs for people in Gaza, as well as in additional locations when they expand to other markets. Environmentally speaking, Car Cleaner uses around 4 liters of water for every car they clean and are constantly working on becoming even more efficient, Ali explains, “Traditional car wash stations can consume more than 20 liters of water per car, which translates to around 80% of water saved per car.” 

When asked about the importance about the state of entrepreneurship in Gaza, Ali explains that Gaza has the highest unemployment rate in the world which sits at a staggering 49.1%, and is constantly on the rise, “With all the experience you have and university certifications, it’s not easy for anyone to have a job opportunity.” He continues, “So instead of waiting for opportunities you can create your own and create for others. It’s not easy at all, and you will have thousands of challenges, but you will always find supporters and opportunities like MENACatalyst, Gaza Sky Geeks, and others.”

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Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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