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As people try to keep up with the hectic nature of their daily lives, like going to work, paying bills and keeping up with doctors’ appointments, waiting around in long lines seems like a waste of our most precious commodity, time. Born in Jerusalem and with a background in Dentistry and Philosophy, Dr. Tarek Salfity realized that people do not have the luxury of waiting around in long lines until their number is called. When a quick trip to the bank ended up costing hours of his work time, Dr. Tarek came up with the idea for DOREe. Established in 2016, DOREe, allows users whether they are at work, in traffic, running errands or at home to virtually reserve a ticket for any participating institution. DOREe is a subscription based application that is legally registered as well as trademarked and currently available for both IOS and Android devices. 

Currently, DOREe consists of a team of three including Dr. Tarek, the founder and a bank sales consultant who provides his banking experience to further optimize the app. In addition, DOREe has enlisted the services of an external consultant who manages all legal and registration issues. Dr. Tarek explains the relevance of DOREe in todays busy world, “With DOREe you can be more productive with your day and efficient with your time, because our app provides real time updates informing users the estimate of when their turn is coming up.” He continues, “That way our users will be able to get to their turn at the bank or any participating institution, stress free.” On the user end, features include the option to choose from various banks and their accompanying branches, opening and closing times, notifications providing estimated wait times as well as current ticket served. On the other hand, institutions implementing the technology will be able to access a plethora of useful features. Some of these features include linking various branches and monitoring their activities and the ability to evaluate their own services including typical service times to efficiently manage resources.

DOREe is targeting smaller institutions in order to get their services operating for evaluation prior to launch at more prominent institutions, both locally and internationally. With the right amount of strategic investments and connections to tap into corporate and business institutions Dr. Tarek seeks to expand his team to include IT experts, managers and marketing experts to propel DOREe into dominance in the Palestinian marketplace. By the end of 2018, Dr. Tarek seeks to acquire a 10 percent market share through subscriptions by users and institutions alike, in order to generate a sustainable revenue and continue to develop innovative new features for the app, he says, “The market for this app is huge, there are over 15 major banks in Palestine alone, with over 279 branches and user wise there are over 1.4 million bank accounts as well as potential users.” Furthermore, “This is only in Palestine, with investments as well as strategic connections and collaborations we can expand to the MENA region where the potential for DOREe is endless!” 

In terms of impact, DOREe seeks to dominate local markets and integrate into international markets, Dr. Tarek describes his vision, “DOREe’s economic impact will be big, and we will be able to create many job opportunities for new graduates who are interested in innovation and creating new technologies.” He elaborates, “I want to be an example and motivate new graduates and the Palestinian youth in general, to invest the time and energy towards turning the ideas and creating something that can really have an amazing impact and help Palestine excel in the high-tech businesses.”

Since then Dr. Tarek has taken part in MENACatalyst’s Santiago Pitch Challenge and earned a coveted spot amongst 10 innovative and groundbreaking Palestinian startups. Dr. Tarek expresses his excitement for the opportunity to share his project with the Palestinian diaspora, “Thanks to MENACatalyst, DOREe will have the opportunity to pitch to some of Chile’s most distinguished business leaders!” Chile is a big market for DOREe, the systems they are incorporating in Chile are on a much smaller scale than DOREe and I am sure that with our unique features specifically engineered for subscribed institutions as well as users that we will be able to compete on a global scale.” 

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Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
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