- Co-founder Yasmin Attoun

Violence, chaos, and clashes, are the dominant images used when depicting a typical day in Palestine by mass media outlets worldwide. However, the vibrant and diverse social gatherings that celebrate Palestinian culture, community and heritage are rarely if ever mentioned. As a result, events which highlight the coming together of Palestinian communities in positive and joyful contexts remains buried under the negative weight of political instability and disparities isolating local communities. 

As a result, Yasmin Attoun along with her cofounder and husband Anas Aghbar have developed an online platform that offers venue owners and organizers a chance to offer their services and space for events, parties, festivals or any type of social gathering. Yasmin explains how the inspiration behind the platform arose from the difficulty of finding out about events including their time and location due to the lack of exposure and coverage by popular media outlets. offers a platform where Palestinian led festivals and accompanying activities, concerts, and events are highlighted and shared in detail with the general public. 

In 2017 received a grant from PMDP which allowed Yasmin and her team to begin working on an integrated mobile application that brings the contents of to users especially small and medium venue owners, and organizer to create and customize their profiles to showcase their services and promote their events. Yasmin explains the importance of for venues and organizers, “Our platform and services offers a strategic solution to enhance the visibility of small and medium or low budget venue owners and event organizers to offer their services.” 

Along with Yasmin who has extensive experience in social media marketing, currently consists of a qualified team specialized in media marketing, optimization development, and management. An innovative feature which distinguishes the website and the dedicated mobile application is the use of an integrated ticketing system which utilizes PalPay, Yasmin explains, “Credit card use in Palestine for online purchasing is not very widespread or used.” She continues, “So we have developed an online solution for interested festival, concert and any event goers to purchase a ticket with their mobile phone through PalPay which is accessible in over 3,000 locations, including retail stores, supermarkets, and participating banks throughout the country.” As a result, interested individuals will be able to easily reserve and purchase event tickets with the use of their mobile phones, receive a receipt and attend a variety of events. 

Yasmin and her team are actively working to make the dominant event platform throughout the country that highlights the when and where as well as describes all festivals and events occurring throughout the Palestinian territories. is also an important tool which allows tourists visiting different areas throughout PalestineEvent to learn and participate in events of interest. 

Finally, Yasmin explains the impact is having on Palestinian communities, “The platform allows people to get to know about events where they can interact, learn, socialize, and come together and enjoy themselves.” She continues, “The cultural significance is also important, because people will become aware and participate in events that highlight, preserve and celebrate Palestinian culture and heritage!”

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Written by
Leila Farraj
- Palestine
Leila Farraj is a freelance consultant for MENACatalyst’s Digital Content . Since the launch of MENACatalyst, Leila has been integral in developing and managing content that strategically reflec... Leila Profile
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