Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups

Our Virtual Mastermind Groups are aimed at creating a community of innovative, creative thinkers who come together to inspire, motivate and challenge each other to meet their business goals. 


Each group is led by a diaspora based business enabler, that has the experience, access to strategic networks and markets needed for startups to develop scalable business models that can compete on a global scale. 


Selected members have the opportunity to discuss their achievements, set milestones, as well as devise strategies to overcome difficulties faced and most importantly create more viable and visible business ventures.


Group members regularly reach out to each other during virtual sessions, to share their business experience, knowledge and acumen and if necessary strategic resources to expand their professional networks and outreach. 

Program Components
Mastermind Groups
Virtual Mastermind Sessions
Sessions are peer driven and motivate entrepreneurs to get together weekly to set goals, discuss progress and challenge each other to rise to the top.

We are committed to transforming the landscape of Palestinian entrepreneurship and creating a resilient virtual economy that is global in scope. With our Mastermind groups we are creating a virtual community of Palestinian entrepreneurs that are able to access the strategic resources and know-how to develop their skills and get to the next level. 


The group is composed of a group of talented Palestinian entrepreneurs from around the world.
Our facilitators are business experts from around the world, who lead the weekly sessions. Facilitators are selected based on their skills and ability to transform emerging entrepreneurs into successful business professionals in their own right.
Virtual Sessions
Sessions are held on a weekly basis, which allows entrepreneurs to engage their peers, set goals and share their entrepreneurial progress.
How can I join a Mastermind Group?

If you are an entreprenuer or thinking about scaling your startup and would like to join our Mastermind Groups contact us at